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Introducing Pastor Choi...

Pastor Kihun Choi was born and raised in South Korea. In 2009, Pastor Choi almost lost all of his hearing during an army file training. By the grace and love of God, he was able to experience the restoration his hearing. This powerful experience led Pastor Choi to follow his calling and attend seminary in order become a pastor to preach and proclaim God’s love just as he had experienced during his service in the army.


During his service as an assistant pastor at Chungdong Church English Ministry, Pastor Choi had the privilege to worship and praise God alongside other believers from all over the world. He then moved to the United States to study at and eventually graduate from Drew University with a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree. After graduating from Drew University., he enrolled in Blanton Peale Institute to study psychoanalysis because he wanted to be able to convey God to people in multiple ways. Pastor Choi is passionate about cultivating the divine spark in people through creative worship and Christ-centered discipleship. He had previously served as the assistant pastor at Chungdong Korean Methodist Church, Great Neck Korean United Methodist Church and at the United Methodist Church of Richmond Hill.


Pastor Choi enjoys cooking, filmmaking, worshipping on the drums, and hunting for a good cup of coffee. He and his wife, Minah, have been married since 2017, and they have a son named Elon Rowoon Choi.

Pastor Kihun Choi

Walden U M C

Pastor at Walden United Methodist Church 

Pastor at Bullville United Methodist Church

Pastor at Maybrook United Methodist Church

Graduate of Drew University with a Master of Divinity (M,Div) Degree

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