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"God’s Epiphany Is For You!"

Feb 2024

 Grace and peace.
I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ.

We are in the season of Epiphany. Epiphany essentially means the manifestation of Christ as represented by the Magi. The Magi followed the star, and they encountered God at Jesus’s birth. The Epiphany is God’s very presence being made known to us. During the season of Epiphany, we celebrate that God is made known to us, revealed to us, and made manifest in and around us.

We see the various Epiphany stories in the Bible. For instance, Moses experienced the burning bush. Moses saw that the bush was on fire, but it did not burn up. That was an Epiphany for him. Paul was breathing out murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples. In Damascus, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. Paul experienced Jesus. That was an Epiphany for Paul.

I have had different epiphanies in my own life and each one of them has been so special to me. In July 2021, I began serving this church. I was worried and overwhelmed because it was my first assignment and I did not know the system of the local churches. Upon my arrival, a congregant called me to visit her family, and I went. There was a senior woman who was very sick. I introduced myself to her and we talked about the town, church, and sports and I said to her, “You know what? I am kind of overwhelmed now as I begin my new journey.” Then she said to me, “I just want you to know it's going to be alright.”

That was God’s Epiphany for me in the midst of everything I was feeling. This was God speaking to me that I was going to be all right. Friends in Christ, what is God’s Epiphany for you? I recommend not only meditating on God’s presence in your daily life through prayers and scripture but also looking at the people all around you. God works in your heart directly, and God also works through people. My sincere prayer for you is this: May you feel and sense God’s Epiphanies in your life.

Blessings, Pastor Choi

Pastor Kihun Choi

Walden U M C

Pastor at Walden United Methodist Church 

Pastor at Bullville United Methodist Church

Pastor at Maybrook United Methodist Church

Graduate of Drew University with a Master of Divinity (M,Div) Degree

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