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Pastor Kihun Choi

Walden U M C

Pastor at Walden United Methodist Church 

Pastor at Bullville United Methodist Church

Pastor at Maybrook United Methodist Church

Graduate of Drew University with a Master of Divinity (M,Div) Degree

 Faith Originates In An Event

May 2024

Currently, I am contemplating faith. What is faith? When we think about faith, it becomes apparent how extensive it is to deal with. I wanted to find faith in my daily life. Then, I became fascinated by the writings of Abraham Joshua Heschel. He defines faith this way: “Faith is not a thing that comes into being out of nothing. It originates in an event. In the spiritual vacancy of life something may suddenly occur that is like the lifting of a veil at the horizon of knowledge. A simple episode may open sight of the eternal. For God is not wholly silent and man is not always deaf.” Through his insight, I realized that faith is not found somewhere distant, but rather within my daily life. Our lives are comprised of a series of events—moments of joy, sorrow, and sometimes loneliness. By seeking to feel God's presence in these situations, we can truly experience Him. Sometimes, even in the routines of our lives, we may encounter God's presence. In our daily activities—eating, spending time with family, or reading a book—God is always with us, gently knocking on the door of our hearts. Indeed, God is not silent, and we are not always deaf. Lately, I've been striving to live my life with this perspective, realizing that every moment is a blessing from God as Abraham Joshua Heschel expresses, 'A simple episode may open sight of the eternal.' Yes, God is everywhere in our lives. I believe that we can sense the presence of God in every event, every moment, so even a simple episode may open our sight to the eternal. My prayer for you is that in your life, you may feel God’s deepest presence of love and grace in every event and moment. God is not entirely silent, and you are not always deaf. 


Pastor Choi

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